Expect the Unexpected

For the past 3 years in a row I’ve participated in RUSH: BC Lung Association’s Urban Scavenger Hunt fundraising event that is very much like the Amazing Race, only in 1 day. It has been incredibly worthwhile and I always come home with great stories, bumps and bruises, and an extremely sore body for the next few days. RUSH is an fundraising event to help raise funds and awareness to help individuals who suffer from lung disease. Fundraising in the past has always made me aware of people’s sincere generosity, the impact and severity of the disease and amount of people affected by it, and the sheer excitement of being involved in a fun community event. This year I will not be RUSHing as a race participant but rather I’ll be capturing the event from behind the camera to help deliver a little promotional trailer that will hopefully entice more adventure seeking individuals to come out in future years to participate in a few hours of random madness (and a trip around the world if you finish 1st!!!).

Even though I am not running the course this year, I assure you I will still come home with great stories and be inspired by the people, outrageousness, and the sentiments behind some individuals’ quest to RUSH. See you out there! Best of luck to my dear friend Amy and Mikey, see you at the finish line!

a photo of my partner Reaia and I from last year’s RUSH checkpoint at BC Place where we had to wear these crazy VELCRO suits and make our way through the bouncy obstacle: OW! (the captions for this photo are endless..)
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