Since I watched this film in 2004, I knew for sure I would one day make a feature film, with a soundtrack that would move millions, just like Zach Braff did with Garden State. Maybe it resonated with me a lot at the time because I was just finishing university, really lost, and no clue what the next step was. One of my favourite cinematic moments is the scene where Natalie Portman and Zach

Braff are waiting in the doctor’s office and she moves to where he’s sitting and places her headphones on his head and says: “you got to listen to this one song, it’ll change your life, I swear” and cue The Shin’s New Slang. It changed my life.
There are many life lessons I learned as a teenager that has stuck with me since the arrival of Clueless into my life in 1995. I know I am subject to a lot of critical judgement by admitting to this and people will roll their eyes and go “Oh GOD!” but really, this story is timeless. TIMELESS. Please do not try and argue with me, just don’t. I love it because it is a cultural reference that no girl born and alive in the 80′s will ever not understand. Cher and Dionne paved the way for fashion, friendship, and fun.  Look, let’s face it. We all need something to hang on to from our youth, and for me, this is it. My daddy was not a litigator,  I don’t have a maid named Lucy, and I don’t have a step brother to fall in love with, but I do love “rolling with my homies” so there. And don’t even “As If” me!


I love music sometimes more than anything else in the world. It helps me visualize feelings, stories, and daydreams. What do you listen to?

I want to spend a day with Sarah Polley’s brain so having said that, she is a true inspiration. Canadian, actress, director, writer. She’s young, and extremely successful. The first movie I saw with her  in it she played a dying young mother in My Life Without Me, followed up with her directorial debut Away From Her. Both films were character driven narratives which showcased her skills as an actress in front of the camera, then as the vision behind it. She made Away From Her when she was 27. Seriously, 27. What on earth were you and I doing at 27? She’s an amazing storyteller, her words flow so eloquently, and most recently she made an incredibly personal documentary about herself and her family called Stories We Tell. If I were to ever have a mentor in life, or just a friend to sit and talk about the world with, it’d be Sarah Polley. Oh, and her brain and heart.

I always try and take a look around me and be inspired by simplicity. In a world where interactions are often short and many times driven by the interweb, I always try and seek inspiration from the people I meet and their everyday lives and passions. I find that as I age, I am profoundly moved by people who possess two traits: kindness and bravery. Every day heroes do exist and I have been lucky to have met a few special souls along the way.


There’s something really magical about being in the middle of the Palm Desert with 75,000 other sweaty individuals that makes Coachella my favourite place/event in my adult life. 3 days of  nothing but sun, tunes, and your bestfriends. It doesn’t get any better. I first went to Coachella in 2005 and have been a repeat visitor since. I look forward to everything about it. The lineup being revealed, mad ticket sales, and most importantly the journey onto that field. I’ve witnessed some of my favourite bands play there, snuck backstage during MIA’s set, and watched grown adults cry to music on that field. You need to be there.