Let’s Get Physical

For those of you who know me, you’ll know that my relationship with sports and the idea of working out is rather observational, at best. I’ve never been deemed as athletic, sporty, in shape, or anything related to that nature. I’ve been the victim of gym memberships gone unused, expired groupon bootcamp promotions, casual drop in fitness classes, but nothing that has ever made me feel really physically fit. During the fall of 2009 my friend Holly and I decided to do something active as a departure from our desk jobs which had us sitting on our bottoms every day from 8-4. In researching fitness classes and workout options, we happened to land into the world of cardio kickboxing where we met Raz and his kickboxing bootcamp. Holly and I wanted to get a workout that was fun, fast, physical, and would implement a combination of cardio, self defence, and martial arts. Raz and his classes are suited for all levels of athletic ability, and he is a great leader. He works you hard, but is not militantly scary. He gives each individual feedback and support to keep going and feel self assured. His classes are full body workouts that also stimulate your mind and mental well being. I haven’t been back to Raz until this past May and I’m loving the physical workout I’m getting, as well as how sound my mental well being is as a result. Working in the film industry where days stretch to be as long as 18 hours, eating whatever you can get your hands on, and sleeping sporadically will have anyone’s body in a funk. I’m so glad I’ve been able to enjoy this time off and focus on working out and restoring my body and mind.

Check out Raz’s site if you’re interested in a solid workout. He’s a certified MMA Conditioning Coach and a Jiu-Jitsu Champion so don’t mess!

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