New Music Tuesdays

Tuesdays have come to be one of my favourite days of the week. Why? Because it’s new album release Tuesdays and thanks to my trusty subscription with Rdio I get to experience new albums the moment I wake up on otherwise regular Tuesdays.

The National released their 6th album today titled “Trouble Will Find Me” and upon first listen, I could only describe it in this matter: “listening to The National’s album is like being in the arms of a stranger you’re quickly falling in love with.” I’ve been waiting and waiting for another album like this to come along since the release of The Boxer in 2007 which still stands as one of my favourite albums of all time. Today’s music pick is perfect in accordance to this overcast day in May. Daft Punk also released their new album, but I think I’m going to save that one for a sunny day.

What have you been listening to lately and if you haven’t already done so, join Rdio. Really, you’ll love it!

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One thought on New Music Tuesdays

  1. It is such a great album!!!! We are happy they announced West Coast tour dates :)

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