Short Film:

Bird Call, 2013
This is a short film that explores the themes of internal struggles and the desire for an individual to overcome the obstacles that are imposed on him through time, grief, and loss. Bird Call is a story about a man who doesn’t leave his home, until one day when something rather out of the ordinary causes him to think otherwise.

Update: Bird Call has been submitted into Hot Shots Shorts Competition. Top 5 will be announced early August so let’s keep our fingers crossed!

Feature Film:

Currently in the brainstorming stages of writing a family dramedy inspired by real people and their stories. This story is about a normal, conventional Chinese Canadian family of four: proud middle class parents Thomas and Jean, who worked hard for their life they have built for themselves in Canada. They have two grown children: Anna and Andrew who are both successful and driven. While the family is seemingly perfect from an outsider’s perspective, the never spoken of truths need to be addressed once and for all. Anna is getting married, but will she be able to have the wedding of her dreams? In a world of his own, will Andrew finally learn to be honest and open with his parents? This script will explore family dynamics, cultural and social issues, and hopefully will create a dialogue for people to talk openly about what it means to be “different”, when at the end of the day, we are all the same.