Some Girls

The other night was the first time I tried out Vimeo’s new On Demand Service and I must say it was a seamless and enjoyable experience. I paid $5 to stream Some Girls, a movie that wasn’t even on my radar that has left my brain stirring. The film features a great ensemble cast with an intriguing storyline about a man who is about to get married and goes on a cross country journey to visit 5 of his exes in some sort of mind boggling “clear the air” type of reconciliation meeting. Adam Brody plays the “man” who visits his highschool sweetheart, Sam (Jennifer Morrison), a fling from Chicago, Tyler (Mia Maestro), a married college professor whom he had an affair with, Lindsay (Emily Watson), his bestfriend’s younger sister Reggie (Zoe Kazan), and Bobbi (Kristen Bell) the one who got away.

Adam Brody’s “man” character retraces his past dating history and selects the 5 women to visit whom he indicates really helped shaped the man he has become, and in the character’s own words was “pivotal” in his maturity. His first stop is in Seattle where he meets his highschool sweetheart Sam. Now for anyone who has dated anyone in highschool, we can probably all have ideas on why it didn’t last, why would there be a need to rekindle and make nice with someone from 15 years ago before you marry? Brody goes into details of why he decided to leave Sam, spitting out rather harsh words that no grown woman wants to hear. He said that he could see the woman she was going to become, and how he didn’t want to be stuck in Seattle as a produce manager at the supermarket  for the rest of his life. She then goes on to correct him “he’s the store manager, there is a difference” (referring to her now husband). What a slap in the face! To have your boyfriend predict your future at the age of 17? Impossible! Anyway, the story moves on and he flies into Chicago, then Boston, then back to Seattle and then finally ends in LA. While all the story lines with the women are different, the central themes are common: “Man” is extremely self absorbed, wildly selfish, has no perception of the hurt he has caused these women, and is a runner. As in, a run away from the problem and never look back type. So, is Man really a universal character out of all of us?

I recently watched Ruby Sparks and fell in love with Zoe Kazan, so I’m only assuming it’s appropriate that I enjoyed her performance as Reggie a lot. Her character’s relationship with Man occurred when she was 12 and he was 16. The good wholesome boy image was tainted that night of her 12th birthday sleepover when he did something to her that would stay long into adulthood. From there he travels to LA where he meets with Kristen Bell, the most relatable character I find probably as she was the one who got away. Do we all have one who got away? Who knows, some probably more prone to think so than others but it always makes you wonder.

The screenplay was originally a stage play by Neil Labute so each scene is an amazing amount of dialogue, in one setting, between two individuals. Each scene is compelling as the story unravels between the man and his exes, and what had gone wrong in each scenario. The movie made me think about a few ideas: the idea of closure and how it varies from one individual to another, and the nature of relationships and how often times the way we treat one another is so fleeting, free, and then all over (well, if the relationship fails anyway). I don’t want to say that only men treat women in the way the man is portrayed in the movie, but it rather does embody both genders. I’m sure there have been a string of women who have left men stranded, flailing, and also deeply distraught (though less addressed). I applaude the story, enjoyed the cast, was impressed with the soundtrack, and of course, it was an enjoyable to watch in the comforts of my own home, in my pj’s. Watch the trailer, let me know what you think.

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